Terrazzo Tile Polishing, Manchester

D H Cleaning, North West

We have recently cleaned and polished some Terrazzo tiles for a well know retail company in Manchester. They contacted us via our website and we then met their Store Manager at a time to suit them for a free no obligation quote. They felt their tiled floor looked dull and needed to be brought back to life. We first hoovered the area to remove any dust/dirt particulars as this could mark the floor when cleaning. Next, we applied our honing powder of 800 grit and we cleaned the area using a planetary machine which uses tan pads. There are many types of pads available for various different types of cleaning, but tan pads are usually used for polishing.

Terrazzo Tile Polishing, Manchester

Once the polishing process had finished, we extracted the solution left behind with a wet and vac extractor machine. The tiles are then cleaned with a stone shampoo using a single head rotary machine with a white pad. Again, we extracted the water and soap and went over the tiles with a dry white pad to finish off the polishing technique.

We clean many types of floors, including:

  • Marble
  • Terrazzo
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Travertine

We always offer to do a free sample piece to make sure you are completely happy before you accept any work.

Please give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote on: 0161 763 5666.









Floor Polishing Wilmslow, Cheshire

Floor Polishing

Marble is a popular type of stone used in many homes. After a while however, due to wear and tear, marble can easily gain scratches that can take away its natural shine and leave it feeling rough. This is where DH Cleaning come in. We have just completed a job in Wilmslow, Cheshire for a famous footballer, who cannot be named for security reasons! We have just honed and polished his marble flooring on the first floor.

Floor Polishing, Wilmslow, Cheshire

On this occasion, all the floor needed was just a general polish using a planetarium machine. We first used some honing powder and then once the floor was horned, we then applied shampoo. This is done to firstly remove the build up on any product. The water is then extracted and the high speed rotary machine gets to work buffing the floors using a tan coloured pad. The client felt his floor looked very dull from when it was first installed and so he was extremely happy with the outcome. He said he couldn’t believe that, just from a deep polish, it looked like new and all ready for his party!






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Maintenance DH Manchester

There comes a time when you will need to have you floors professionally cleaned and DH Stone & Concrete Polishing maintenance will be happy to assist. We take great pride in our work and customer service and strive to provide you with the best cleaning services through the entire of Manchester.

Our reputation and use of top quality products has allowed us to build up an excellent reputation throughout the years and we deliver only the best quality finish on all jobs ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

We can undertake work on Stone, Marble, Terrazzo and concrete, were experts in floor cleaning and restoration and know what techniques work best with the many different designs of modern coated flooring and how to restore a period feature without damage.

Our work is carried out by skilled craftsman who will advise on the different methods of honing, grinding and polishing and the various coatings to offer protection for future use.

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Beautiful Polished Office Floor

The nature of our work means we need to be flexible with our time as the finishing of a floor may need to be done outside your normal working hours, often working into the evening.

Such working practices are normal in this type of industry and DH Floor Restoration will work with you to ensure we deliver the best commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning service.

We receive lots of positive feedback clients, with testimonials from the local authority regarding the quality of our service; we really are the number one choice for any cleaning service required.

Maintenance DH – Contact Us

DH Stone & Concrete Polishing  offer a range of commercial and domestic cleaning throughout Manchester for more information on DH Floor restoration call us on 0161 763 5666 or 07974 438 761 or email us on dh@dhcompletecleaning.co.uk.

Concrete Floor Polishing Manchester

Does your concrete floor in Manchester look tired and grimy our floor polishing teams can transform it to a mirror like finish using all the latest technology in diamond grinding tools. We are specialists in restoring a gleaming finish to concrete surfaces creating a non slip long lasting finish to all types of concrete flooring.

Polished Concrete & Stone Floors

Is your concrete or stone floor looking tired and worn out? Our grind and polish service will transform your floor to look like new.